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The Argument for a white roof vs. a black roof

Commercial flat roof systems have traditionally been black in color but the emergence of TPO/PVC roof systems have changed that mindset.  The tone in the roofing industry is that white roofing equals a cooler roof surface and therefore more energy savings.  Unfortunately, in the Pittsburgh area this is often used more as a sales strategy than actual technical fact.  According to data from Roof Sense it is more energy effecient to install a black roof membrane in our area.  Your project location would have to be as far south as Georgia in order to warrant the installation of a white roof membrane.  This data has a lot do with the days we heat our buildings vs. the days we cool our buildings.  Another added benefit of a black roof membrane is its ability to quickly melt snow and ice.  Snow and ice that lingers on a white roof membrane will inevitably cause damage.

If your interested in installing a new, energy efficient, roof system let us run a Roof Sense analysis on your building.

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