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Winter Maintenance and Protection – Pittsburgh Commercial Roofing

It’s that time of year again.  The snow and ice have already started and your roof system is hopefully hard at work protecting you and your tenants from the harsh winter weather.  Old or new there are a few steps you can take to keep your roof working throughout the season.  First, make sure all roof drains, scuppers or gutters are free of leaves and loose debris from the fall.  A back-up of the drain system will cause ice accumulation and wreak havoc on the roof.  Second, have L&M Roofing Assoc. LLC do a roof inspection and cleaning.  Often times we find cuts, tears and punctures in the membrane as well as loose seams and flashings on older roof systems.  Repairing these issues before winter really sets in will help prevent many problems once we get into the heart of winter.  Finally,  if your roof is really in irreparable condition have us get you a quote for a spring replacement.  We will include a limited amount of repair work at no charge between now and when the weather allows us to replace the roof, call now for details! 1-888-428-ROOF

Happy Winter Solstice and of course Happy Holidays!

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