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60 Mil TPO Single-Ply Roof Installation

100 South Commons, Pittsburgh, PA 15212, USA

Installation of a TPO roof system at Nova Place Pittsburgh

60 Mil TPO Single-Ply Roof Installation

The existing roof is a ballasted system with a 60mil EPDM rubber roof on top of 1.5" poly iso insulation. We started by vacuuming off the rocks and removing loose fan fold insulation using a crane. Then, we relocated the concrete paver blocks to one side of the building. During the tear-off, we cut the existing membrane, removed saturated insulation, and cleaned the decking. We adhered two layers of 2.6' Poly iso insulation to the concrete deck and placed a 60mil TPO membrane on top. We installed penetration details according to the manufacturer's specifications for a 20-year NDL warranty. Finally, we added a commercial metal roof edge around the building.

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