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EPDM Roof Installation- Nova Place, Pittsburgh, PA

Nova Place, South Commons, Pittsburgh, PA, USA

An EPDM roof installation in Pittsburgh, PA

EPDM Roof Installation- Nova Place, Pittsburgh, PA

The existing roof is a ballasted roof system over a 60mil EPDM rubber roof on top of 1.5” poly iso. The first step of the process was to remove off the rock by vacuuming it off. Our next step was to remove a loose lay fan fold insulation and crane it off our roof. Step three was then to relocate all concrete paver blocks from around the roof to the easternmost side of the building. Once over we craned off several a large portion of the pavers. Once the tear off began we cut the existing membrane, removed the saturated insulation underneath and dried the existing decking while removing loose debris. We then adhered two layers of 2.6 PolyIso to a concrete deck using a two part rising foam adhesive. We cut and layed out our 60mil TPO membrane over our newly adhered insulation. Then we then fully adhered our membrane down to our newly installed poly iso insulation. After our membrane was adhered we then installed all of our penetration details up to a 20 year NDL warranty through manufacturer specifications for our client. Lastly we installed our commercial metal roof edge around the exterior portion of the building.

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